The SMED method

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Product Description

SMED approach

In general, but certainly from a lean perspective, minimizing changeover times between models and reducing setup cost through SMED are increasingly important.

The SMED method (single minute exchange of dies) is closely linked to 5S and the reorganization of the working stations.

The participants will be able to analyze the various phases of a changeover, to transform certain internal tasks into external tasks, and to decrease times of the tasks which cannot be externalized.

Target audience

Technicians and engineers from the quality, production and planning department as well as the operators.


• To know and apply the SMED method,
• To reduce the costs of changeover between series.
• To improve productivity.
• To identify the various tasks during a changeover.
• To simplify and optimize the changeover process.

Key points:

• Time savings.
• Improved response to customers.
• Optimized production flow.
• Smaller batch quantities at the same cost.
• Problem solving in a multi-disciplinary group


• Improvement of changeover times between series through the SMED method
• Cost issues
• Presentation of the SMED method.
• The definition of key steps in the changeover process
• The segmentation of the changeover production process
• The search for solutions to reduce the changeover time
• Classification of internal and external tasks
• Reduction of internal tasks not being able to be externalized
• Example of an analysis of a SMED action
• Executing a SMED action in a company
• Means necessary to make a SMED study.
• Planning of actions to be carried out
• Simplified planning, implementation examples and results of SMED


Internal workshop. Theoretical and practical part.

Duration 2 days according to the study to be realized. Use of video analysis.

Teaching methods :
• Support of course distributed to each trainee.
• Theoretical and practical contributions by the trainer.
• Video analysis.
• Room with available video camera, television set and video tape recorder.


Duration : 2 days
Format: In-House