Operational Excellence for the Construction Sector

For many years, managers of construction note the heterogeneity of results from one operation to another. Until 2008, this issue had virtually no effect because the market was supported by a strong growth. However, since late 2008, the market has tightened significantly, causing a price war. To maintain the activity, most companies reduce their margins without making productivity improvement.

On the other hand, with longer working hours and the harshness of the work, construction companies will have to “modernize” their work methods to enable to provide the best environment for the aging workforce. Finally on the ground, most managers are torn between the security- Quality Productivity and compliance deadline, and often they are “forced“ to abandon some goals because they are unable to mix these four major issues pragmatically.


Your Guide to a succesful project

Successful organizations constantly learn and improve. Are you willing to learn and become a world-class company as a result? We will help you. Our longstanding international expertise and know-how guarantees a quick knowledge transfer to your employees, so that they learn and understand how to develop and maintain operational excellence. Through focused improvements or structured implementation programs, we will guide and coach your employees in their daily operations.

We believe in the power and creativity of your workforce, and our aim is to value and develop them as the most important asset of your company. Return on investment is guaranteed, and can be defined through a quick-scan or assessment of your business.
We believe in the power and creativity of your workforce and our aim is to value and develop them as most important asset for your company. Return on investment is guaranteed and can be defined through a quick-scan or assessment of your company.

Focused Improvement

If you are looking for quick results we can help you through our “Kaizen” methodology. With this approach we can help your employees to tackle any problem within your company (organisational issues, equipment / machine problems, etc.). Don’t hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

Operational Excellence Implementation Programs

If you are looking for a well-structured approach and implementation of Operational Excellence, we can offer you tailor-made implementation programsBased on our 20 years of experience, we are well-versed in practically every sector: Industry, Healthcare, Construction, and Service. Feel free to contact us to get our insight in your area of business.


For Every Level in Your Organisation

We offer: Management Awareness, Lean Fundamentals, Project Management or other Improvement Training. Contact us today for your training needs for continuous improvement.

A Single Course or a Complete Training Program?

Tailor-made training courses are our specialty, and we would be pleased to develop specific training for your company. Most training formats are available — classic classroom teaching, on-the-job training, and e-learning. We will help you to develop the most appropriate training methodology for your work environment.

Courses Tailored to Your Business Area

Any business area requires its own specific training needs. From Industry to Construction and Healthcare, we can help. Are you interested in seeing examples of training used in your business area? Please contact us today for further information.

We approached REOSS because we wanted to develop a customized Project Management Training for our organization focusing not only on the technical aspects but also on the Soft Skill aspects. REOSS helped us by developing and delivering a tailor-made training for us where different people from different countries could learn the Artelia philosophy of how to run and manage projects. One thing we liked was their international expertise and their feeling for different cultures during their support for operational improvements.

Pascal Thevenet

Deputy General Manager, Artelia International