Develop Your Leadership Skills
On The Job with Act2Manage

Take action to strengthen
employee engagement

Get tips to your management dilemmas

We offer practical suggestions for 130 typical leadership situations such as:

How should I resolve conflicts within the team? How can I keep my team motivated?

Your development is in your hands

25 topics from Motivation to Time management are at your fingertips to support you in your daily people management challenges.

Do it between two emails

It only takes 3-5 minutes to find short tips to your people management question and act on it.

It helps you take action

Get better every week by completing relevant commitments!

Act2Manage reminds you and
serves as a follow-up tool.

Developing Managers On The Job

Support you managers in strengthening employee engagement

Training only will not bring behavioural change

Without follow-up, training rarely results in lasting change. Act2Manage fosters making specific commitments and following them up to increase the probability of behavioural change.

Leadership development on scale

Provide L&D support for hundreds of managers while keeping their learning journey personalised.


High impact

The app urges managers to take action and we measure significant impact through their completed commitments


Drive the learning  process

Understand how managers are improving their skills with our powerful statistics module. Keep learning relevant through challenges, communication and social learning.