Lean Change Management

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Lean Change Management

Lean Change Management only successful if everyone is involved, also the employees on a management level. Organisations often focus on the realisation of lean tools and techniques but forget to think about the abilities necessary for a successful implementation which the employees need to have to implement lean management effectively.

In our Lean Change Management course your employees will learn how to systematically improve their skills, how to grow with their tasks and how to broaden their intellectual competences. We are going to talk about important aspects of lean change processes and practice some examples. This training provides a perfect connection to our course “Base  Lean Courses” but it is also appropriate for those who want to improve their change management.


Target audience

This course is intended for all those concerned with the welfare of their staff and involved in a process of continuous improvement, from directors of to operational personnel.


• The introduction of necessary soft skills to support your change management and to facilitate your work
• Provision of soft skill tools and techniques as a contribution to the introduction and further development of a culture of continuous improvement
• Practical application of the soft skills tools and techniques in a healthcare environment
• Arouse Enthusiasm for Soft Skills to implement them into your organisation and support you in your change management


Part 1: Effective Organisational teams for lean improvements

Part 2: Analysing and understanding teams

Part 3: Leading teams

Part 4: Improvements and changes in practice

Part 5: Implementing a positive improvement culture

Part 6: Holding effective workshops and leading a discussion

Part 7: Properly influencing

Part 8: Coaching techniques


• In-company training

This training, which takes place within your organisation, is developed according to its specific traits in order to respond precisely to your own issues and expectations. A concrete example from your organisation will be discussed during the training.


Duration : 2 days
Format: In-Company