Value Stream Mapping

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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a methodology used to help organizations understand which part of business processes add “value” to end product or service being produced and which part of their processes add waste (or non-value add) and can therefore be removed.

As such, VSM is often utilized within continuous improvement programs. VSM simplifies all process in the organization. The process of value stream mapping helps to visualize the waste in the system and forms the basis of an effective implementation plan, with a good comprehension of the linkage between the information flow and the material flow.

The VSM course trains delegates on how to identify and to eliminate the non-value added steps within the process in order to meet customer demand.

Target audience

Plant Managers, Manufacturing Managers and Engineers, Resources Planning Managers and Engineers and any person who is responsible for efficiency improvement in a manufacturing company.


Draw a Value Stream Map,

Identify waste and continuous improvement opportunities,

Carry out a complete transformation of their systems instead of occasional improvement.


Part 1 : Introduction in Value Stream Mapping

Part 2 : Current State

Part 3 : What does a Value Stream Lean produce ?

Part 4 : Future State

Part 5 : Achieve " Future State "

Part 6 : Conclusion


This 1-day workshop on-site can be specified to your particular needs. You will obtain the benefits directly since the tools and techniques are related to your specific environment.


Duration : 1 day

Format: In-house