Problem Solving Techniques

A3 Problem Solving

This course will help you to solve complex or repetitive problems where causes are unknown.

Very often the teams seek to eliminate the primary causes of the problems which they encounter but it is a long and difficult process. These teams often use in an incorrect and ineffective way the tools of problem solving techniques and make the error of concentrating on the symptoms or the effects of the problems. However if the root cause is not identified, the problem will not fail to reappear.

Target audience

This training is appropriate for all people of different departments of your company, which are anxious to eliminate their problems.


• The training aims to present a logical and effective methodology to the delegates, appropriate for the resolution of complex problems. This methodology is based on tools which proved reliable : - To facilitate the identification of the true root cause problem. - To help the teams to eliminate the problems, instead of finding solutions of provisional correction. - To be clear and comprehensible throughout the stages of the problem solving process.
Key points

The problem solving process must be an essential priority if a company wants to achieve financial results and stay ahead of its competitors. • To seek the cause of the problem rather than concentrating on the symptoms. • To eliminate the root cause of the problem. • To simplify the processes and/or the products. • To improve quality : That will have an important effect on customer satisfaction, the reduction of defects and the production lead times, i.e. 3 key measurements which relate to daily objectives. • To support the team work. • To change the company culture.
The workshop presents a logical and effective methodology which is suitable for the resolution of complex or repetitive problems; it is based on methods which proved reliable many times over.


• To build a team • How to select the team members • How to describe the problem • 5 questions “Why” • How to formulate the problem • To curb the problem • To find the true root cause of the problem • Cause and effects diagram based on elements and categories • To filter the possible causes • Table of the evolutions and differences • Tools to determine the differences, the evolutions • Table : Possible to Probable • To select a permanent corrective action • Two filters to select the best permanent corrective action • To carry out the permanent corrective action • Implementation plan • To prevent the reappearance of the problem • Communication of the solved problem • Report/ratio of problem resolution


Identify the root cause problem and prevent that they reappear are not the only recommended steps; it has to be applied continuously.

This 1-day seminar stresses the aspect of each tool to be used in the company and develops the spirit of search for excellence. It will show how to identify the cause of the problem and to use the implementation tools and techniques of 8D. The latter will be illustrated by a detailed plan.



Duration Training-Implementatie : To be defined with customer